Sugar my friend.

Your appear to me in your many guises.

If I had to choose, I would tell you I like your dark-chocolate-with-sea-salt face the best. But you know too that I will settle for the twix-knock-off-from-Aldi face.

I consume you sometimes in your purest state. Berries I munch with my boy. Blue, red, black. The blue and the red come from the shops; the black we hunt on hedgerows as the river rushes past.

Where is the river taking us mommy?

The less pure kind, I will not share. This is for his good. But I am not good enough that I will deprive myself too, join his company.

I hide you in the cupboard, above the coffee and the tea, out of reach and out of sight.

I hide you until naptime, until bedtime.

When your allure proves too much, I hide you in the pocket of my cardigan, sneaking you out bite by bite as the boy does laps around the house.

You be a tiger mommy and you chase me!

I hide you under a napkin on the sideboard as the boy eats his cheese sandwich.

What are you eating mommy?


I swallow, brush away brownie.

Broccoli. I’m eating broccoli.

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